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Portable Ice Maker Bottle

Portable Ice Maker Bottle

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The 2-in-1 ice maker in a bottle makes drinking your beverages much more enjoyable. It is portable so you can carry your favorite drink with you anywhere while keeping it cold and refreshing. The unique design also keeps the ice from absorbing odor from the freezer so you can better enjoy your drinks.

      Slower Melting & Longer Cooling:

       This ice sphere mold creates flawless round ice balls that melt at a slower rate than regular ice cubes, providing a delectable drink that lasts longer and impresses your visitors.

      17 Balls Of Mid-Sized Round Ice: 
      Each tray holds 17 spherical ice balls and comes with a detachable top to avoid spillage and freezer smell. You can make precisely round 1.5-inch balls with the spherical ice cube mold. It's perfect for whiskey, cocktails, coffee frosting, and infusing fruit or herbs.

      Quick & Easy To Use 2 In 1 Ice Ball Maker:
      Our whiskey ice ball mold may be used as an ice cube tray as well as a kettle. It is lightweight and portable, allowing you to enjoy your favorite iced beverage wherever you are. It's really simple to manufacture ice balls at home! For the most flawless ice cube spheres, simply fill and freeze overnight.

       Non-Toxic, BPA-Free, & Safe:

       Tritan, a BPA-free plastic, was used to make our ice ball mold. The modern materials used in the sphere ice cube mold are non-toxic and make it simple to remove the ice from the mold.



      • Material: Tritan Plastic , Silicone
      • Color: White, Pink, Grey, Blue
      • Package Include: 1 Ice ball maker bottle
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