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Flying Magical Boomerang 2.0

Flying Magical Boomerang 2.0

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The Flying Ball Will Fly Back To You Every Time You Throw It Away!

Perfect for kids, teenagers, adults, Elderly. These mini flying drones make awesome travel toys, Christmas gifts, boys gifts, girls gifts and fun birthday party activities.

Meet the motorized flying spinner that floats, glides, and rises into the air at your command, then boomerangs back to your hand. It allows you to dazzle everybody in the room with astounding acrobatic feats that leave onlookers wondering, "How did you do that?" You'll have even more control with a magic controller (not included/coming soon!) as you soar higher, travel further, and do more spectacular tricks than ever before.

Attention: Our social media campaign is going viral, and we only have a few units left. Order today to ensure that you receive one before we sell out.

Safety tested for use with children, it's the worry-free way to keep you and your loved ones entertained for hours . All while learning new skills, improving your hand-eye-coordination, and getting up off the couch and onto your feet. It's the perfect cure for lockdown boredom and too much screentime.

And the best part is, you can do it any time. With anyone. Anywhere.  Really… anywhere. If you've got a backyard, a rec room, or even a kitchen, the will bring hours of fun and challenge to anyone you play with. 

With three dazzling colored lights, your will look like a neon shooting star when you launch it across the sky. If you really want to get some attention, practice your tricks at night when your can light up the dark.



Launch your Flying magical boomerang, then call it right back to home base - aka your hand - with The Boomerang. Toss the spinning Flying magical boomerang into the air, and watch as it circles right back to you.


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